Welcome to Racerhistory.com!

There has been some major changes around here, a complete overhaul as a matter of fact. You can still find all of the player stats and season history you could before, but in (what I hope) is a more pleasant way of interacting with it and with greater detail than ever before! 

What's New?

More stats!

I've added the ability to provide complete game box scores (as they are entered)

Game View Iamge

I'll be adding more games in, but there is a LOT and it's going to take some time. I've got newspaper box scores going back all the way to 1926 that I'll be adding.

Administrative Backend

What else is new is something that you won't see. With the overhaul came the creation of an administrative backend that will make it much easier to keep things up to date, and add additional content not previously available.

What's Missing?

Images, stories, and biographies.

They aren't gone forever, I just haven't finished that part of the site. I've no timetable for their return.

What's Next?

More Stats

As mentioned above, and once I start getting the game box scores in I'll be adding in single game stats to the stat search pages. 

Game Search

A game search feature similar to the stat search where you'll be able to quickly find the largest loss on the road to a conference opponent on a Tuesday.

Views by Opponent, Place, or Person

All games, records, and stats Vs an opponent, in an arena, city, state, or involving a person with a click.

Women's Stats

Women's basketball belongs here too and I plan on bringing them here. With that will be the ability to include them in all of the above searches and views.

The Far Future

Additional Sports

I mean, why stop at basketball??

When I set out to build the new Racerhistory.com I did it with three goals in mind:

Easier to Update

Better Search Capabilities

Include More Sports

The foundation is built, but getting Basketball ironed out will go a long way to making this future goal a reality. I think I'll go with Baseball & Softball next as they share stats so the views and stats will use the same code, then Football, Soccer, and Volleyball (can you dig it?)