SINCE 1926 1675-918 (.646)

RacerHistory.com began in 2007 by Tim Tucker, an alumnus of Murray State University.  The site's purpose was to fill a void that traditional print media guides couldn't always fill.

Much of MSU's sports history can be obtained through media guides published by the school. But those are limited in number of pages and by expense, and much of the historical record is by necessity left out.  Tim strived to have a site that filled some of that void.

In November 2012, Tim passed the site on to Shawn Dunnaway.  The site was redesigned and new features were added, including a player database.  However, the original work that Tim did with RacerHistory.com was extensive and it would not be what it is now without his contributions.

Murray State boasts one of the most successful mid-major men's basketball programs in the United States, and its past achievements deserve mention. But whether you visit this site for a search of the historical record, to settle a bet, or just out of curiosity, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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