SINCE 1926 1571-869 (.644)

Cuthbert Victor

Cuthbert  Victor
2003-200434−3410261903020.629289 0.3211531060.6931282193478064 45574749514.6
2002-200329−288491702850.5963611 0.306139920.6621091232328062 55385044315.3
2001-200232−288851512760.5474311 0.25696600.62512610923511258 41445037311.7
2000-200128−14457701240.565299 0.31041250.61050711215825 1821201746.2
2000−2004123−10432175819870.58913640 0.2944292830.660413522935330209 159160167148512.07

From The Racer Insider:
A 6-5 forward, Victor played at Murray State from 2000-2004. He was just 17 when he enrolled at MSU but it didn't take long for him to make an impact. On his 18th birthday he scored 27 points at Tennessee State while making all 10 of his shots from the field and all seven of his shots from the foul line. Victor is on the career scoring list with 1,485 points. And despite being undersized, he ranks high in career rebounds.

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